Logo of the Washington Lions Club

Officers 2018-2019

Cabinet 2018


President:  Timothy M. Mathews
 1st Vice President: Daniel F. Haire
 2nd Vice President: Ronald J. Williams
3rd Vice President: Amy M. Muench 
Secretary: Dennis W. Hemsath
 Treasurer: Aaron D.Griesheimer
Lion Tamer: Jerry G. Brunner
 Tail Twister: Bill H. Dickinson
Immediate Past President: Michael J. Guzy

Board of Directors

3rd Year - Nick C. Niehaus(Second Term)
3rd Year - Jeffrey D. Jackso

2nd Year Gary P. Wagner
2nd Year - Terry Unnerstall

1st Year - David C. Bossler (Second Term)
1st Year - Vince Borgerding


Appointed Cabinet Members

Membership Chairperson - Doris R. Glastetter
 LEO Club Advisor - Jeffrey A. Weber
 Club Marketing/Communication - Timothy M. Mathews
Service Chairperson - Karen A. Skornia
LCIF Coordinator - Michael J. Guzy

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