Logo of the Washington Lions Club

Just a few words about LIONISM


Lionism is knowing, showing, sharing, caring, but most of all it is fellowship.

Who are LIONS?

Everyday people doing extra ordinary things as members of a service club.

Who is a LION?

He or she achieves success.
WHO lives well, laughs often and loves much,
WHO gains respect of intelligent men and women and the love of little children,
WHO fills his or her niche,
WHO accomplishes his or her task,
WHO leaves the world better than they found it,
WHO never lacks appreciation of earth's beauty, or fails to express it,
WHO always sees the best in others and gives the best they have,
WHOSE life is an inspiration,
WHOSE memory is a benediction.

What is a Lions Club?

A Lions Club is an international nonsectarian, nonpolitical service organization whose members are a group of service-minded men and women who are dedicated to working and raising funds to make their communities a better place to live in.  These funds help support their work with the handicapped, the under privileged, the aged, the sick, the blind, the deaf and the youth of their community. 

Who can become a LION?

Any man or women willing to work to help others, may be invited to join.  They must be of legal majority and of good moral character, regardless of:
color, race, religion, language or political beliefs,
and have a good reputation in their community.

Why become a member?

The main reason is to help others.
With the help of all the members, we can work and raise funds to allow Lions to offer their assistance where needed in their community.  Socially you will meet people interested in doing the same work as you in your Club, the other clubs in the district, the country and internationally.
Inter-club visits and annual cabinet meeting and conventions are an integral part of Lionism and help broaden your knowledge and appreciation of how Lionism serves needs throughout the world. 

LIONS pledge

I pledge allegiance to my Country.
And to the cause of peace throughout the World.
I believe in the principles of Lionism as contained in the "Code of Ethics"
I am proud to be a Lion dedicated to the service of others.

LIONS Invocation

Where LIONS meet, be present Lord,
To weld our hearts in one cord,
To do thy will Lord, make us strong,
To help the weak and right the wrong.


A person who achieves success, who lives well, laughs often and loves much.
Who gains the respect of Intelligent people and the love of little children.
Who fills a niche and accomplishes his or her task.
Who leaves the world better than hi or she found it whether by a brighter flow, perfect poem, or a rescued soul.
Who always sees the best in others and gives the best he or she has.
Whose life is an inspiration.
Whose memory is a benediction.

Why new members?

In order to remain healthy and active, Lion clubs need you, and others like you to prosper and achieve the goals of Lionism.
We are constantly looking to increase our active members.
New members are always welcomed and vital to the success of any club.
They provide the future leaders, they increase our potential for larger and more far-reaching community projects and projects around the world.

Are you interested ?

Most people at one time or another have purchased tickets or supported one or another of the various Lions activities.
Perhaps the best way to help would be to become a member of a very active service Club and help to do your share to make your community a better place to live in and raise your children.
Membership is by invitation only, but if you're interested, please contact any Lion member.
They would be more than happy to explain fully what Lionism is all about and answer any questions you may have.

The Lions Toast

Never above you,
Never beneath you,
Always with you.

Lions Grace

O Lord, thy blessings now let fall,
Upon thy Lions as they call.
May all our ties of friendship be,
Forever strengthened Lord by thee.

Mission Statement

To serve our community while enjoying good fellowship and fostering Lionism.

Vision Statement

To meet humanitarian needs by providing voluntary service through community involvement and international co-operation.

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